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Metrics Central
For your constantly connected customers, shopping never sleeps. Whether it's an everyday purchase or researching a big-ticket item, they reflexively turn to their devices.

This happens in hundreds of moments throughout the day when they are making purchase decisions. These "I'm ready to buy" moments are important moments for your firm.

You need to be well represented when they make that effort!

Yes, a website used to be all you needed to "promote on the internet." That's all changed!

Today your online promotion needs to include four key areas:
  1. Listings in Online Directories

  2. Reviews Posted at Online Review Sites

  3. A "Mobile Website" Delivering Location and Instant Buying Information

  4. Effective Social Media Activity
Social Media is no longer a "nice to have" ... it's a "must have!" Maybe you're already dealing with Facebook and Twitter. (How much time is that taking?) And even that isn't enough.

Check out Metrics Central, our outstanding service that makes your location the "go-to" choice for anyone with a smartphone.
Get a Mobile App for Your Business
More people in the world own mobile phones than toothbrushes! Mobile is here, and it has created a huge opportunity for YOU as a marketer to land new customers and bring customers back for lots of repeat business.

Repeat business depends on building an ongoing relationship with your customer. A website may help you get new customers but what will bring them back?

Now you can have an app in the Apple and Google Play app stores, just like the marketing giants, and the price is probably less than you think.

And just watch the magical customer connections that are possible when you have an app from SellBetter Apps!

Ecommerce Automation
Ready to automate your website and get it actively working to make you money?

This simple solution automates your shopping cart, email marketing, autoresponders, digital delivery, ad tracking and affiliate program… all in one.

Everything works together while you sit back and simply watch it work! Or take a nap.

The real beauty is that all of the intricate programming and security is handled on our servers... that means your website (and webmaster) won't have to worry about credit card security, PCI compliance, or a myriad other confusing issues.

You have a Shopping Cart on your website that instantly connects to your internet Merchant Account. It takes orders, makes the deposit. You go to breakfast!

There's more. It tracks your advertising results. It sends out your marketing emails. If you want to set up an affiliate program so others can promote your products it handles the intricate bookkeeping, automatically.
What's the Best Way to Get Started?
Get A Detailed Analysis of Your Business, Sent Straight To Your Inbox.

Every day, customers are reviewing, mentioning, and sharing experiences about places they visit, whether they're on Yelp, Urbanspoon, Tripadvisor, Google+, Facebook, personal blogs, or elsewhere. And since 85% of consumers find local business info online, you need to know what your customers are saying about you.

Never again lose a customer because of a poor review, incorrect listing or a weak social media presence. With a personalized snapshot of your "virtual doorway", you'll have the ultimate competitive advantage in your local marketplace.

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