Link-Cloaker, URL Shortener, Powerful Link Redirector

nodropInstantly Make Your Long URL’s Short, Cloak Your Affiliate Links, Control Links in Emails, Ebooks, and Special Reports, and Brand Your Domains In Every Link That You Create!

What’s wrong with links these days?

They’re too long! They’re hard to type. They carry a bunch of information. Here’s an example, my affiliate link at Amazon that points to my book, “Disney Magic:”

Whew! We had to make the type super small just to squeeze it in! Can you even imagine someone trying to type that in their browser? If only there was a way to make it more comfortable. Well, there is! Look at this link:

It’s easier to type. Goes the same place, by “redirecting” through your own website.

It’s also easier to control.

What! You need to “control” your links?

Yep. Often, not always.

Here are three big reasons to use the Go redirector:

1. Shorter links are easier to put in emails

Have you ever received an email with a link that was broken because it was long and the email program wrapped it to another line? It happens all the time! It won’t happen with a nice short link generated and managed by the Go Redirector!

Look at our example again:


It’s even worse if someone tries to type it…

2. Cloaked links are easier to type

Here’s my affiliate link for SellBetter ToolBox:

That’s a little better, but this is much better:

You can actually type that. The other one had way too much room for a mistake.

Both of those links can lead to the same place, but the second URL is much more “clickable” — it’s just better looking.

Not only that, but there’s no apparent affiliate ID. Just by looking at it there’s no way to know whether that link will take you to a review of the product, the download page, sales page, etc.

It’s totally cloaked!

3. Affiliate links are harder to tamper with

Here’s that affiliate link for SellBetter ToolBox again:

For some reason, some folks who see that will actually go in and change the text to remove all those numbers. And those numbers are the keys that make sure you get your sales commission.

So you get gypped right out of some cash!

Does this happen often? Some tests have shown you can lose 30% of your commissions doe to “link tampering.” This is just a nice, clean way to control your links.

4. You get long term control of long ago sent links

If you ever send an email, put out an ebook, send a Word document, or put up a web page that someone prints out, you’re risking a broken link.


Because people change their websites, change their affiliate systems, change their access codes, and more!

Go Redirector online Admin panel.

If something changes, all those links you’ve got “out there” will suddenly go “bad.”

With Go Redirector, it’s easy to go in and change a link to something current. Here’s an example:

On one of my websites I have a link to a great company who provides computer help desk service. They’ll go in and configure your computer, set up virus software, help you with programs… and more. Just like a big company help desk. Only it’s affordable, even for a one person office. Here’s their link:

This is a great service, and I’ve put it in some ebooks I’ve issued. But what happens if they go out of business, or are bought up by a big company, and their website changes. Those links would all break.

All I’d need to do is go into the Go Redirector Admin panel and change the forwarding address. Poof! All my ebooks would be “repaired!”

Oops, that’s four! But that’s okay!

In minutes all of your affiliate links can be cloaked. The software works on the web… doesn’t matter if you use Windows or Mac, because it runs on your web server. It works on almost any server that runs PHP (almost everything these days).

Did I tell you about tracking?

Another advantage with Go Director is that you can add tracking flags to a redirect URL. That means you can use one redirect link with different tracking flags for each pay per click ad, for each ezine ad, etc., and Go Redirector will count the clicks!

Your tracking log report will show how many times the link was clicked, and which tracking flags were clicked.

You can manage your advertising with cloaked redirect links from Go redirector.

Go Redirector also tracks search engine kits from Google, Yahoo, and MSN so you know which search phrases are hitting your links. If you had a link directly to Amazon, you’d never have any idea. But Go redirector keeps you informed.

I almost forgot. You can automatically “expire” a link

Ever have a special offer that you want to “expire” after a certain date? You can set any link in Go Redirector to expire, after which guests will be directed to any alternate web address of your choice.

How to Install Your Software

All you do to install the software is create a ‘go’ directory at your website and copy the two small program files to that directory. This will require FTP software, and you may choose to have your webmaster do that. (It should take less than two minutes for your webmaster to do that.)

Then you log on online, establish your user id and password, and start setting up codes.

How it works

You can set up ‘go’ link codes in a few seconds from any internet connected computer and browser. Log in, set up what you want, and log out. Then place those links in emails, on web pages, or in pay per click ads.

Why it’s worth a Hundred Bucks.

Other similar utilities, with more limited capabilities, sell for about a hundred bucks. But Go redirector only costs $27. Wow!

You may wonder why I’m selling it so cheap.

First, it’s very simple to use and requires virtually no support. There are lots of help buttons in the program that explain everything.

Second, I’m using it to build my customer list. It’s just one of a number of products we have that I think you’ll be interested in. Right now, it’s my “loss leader.” (I may not always offer it at such a low price.)

Why you should be an Affiliate Right Now!

As soon as you buy Go Redirector, I urge you to sign up as an affiliate and share this discovery with your friends. (Remember, I’m trying to build my customer list.) I’ll share most of that price with you if you’ll tell your friends about it right away!