More Residual Income for ISOs and MLSs

nodropFrom the desk of Rich Hamilton…

More Residual Income for ISOs and MLSs

Dear fellow payment system marketer,

It’s not often that you can find such a powerful and easy way to add to your income.

Almost every client you find who wants to market on the internet will find this is the easiest way to instantly conquer all the difficult steps. You know, the things that complicate an internet marketers life?

We have a solution for them. It makes ecommerce online easy. And you can make a nice residual commission.

You still have the merchant account income through your processor. Plus the gateway income.

This is an additional revenue stream, sending you a check every month, year after year, as long as your client continues to sell online with our amazing marketing tools.

Yes, your client can quit doing business with you… We hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does…

We keep on paying you as long as they stay subscribed. A check every month. While our service works with yours, it’s quite separate. Clients are likely to stay subscribed. Very nice!

And we provide all the service, online or by phone. You don’t have to provide service for SellBetter Toolbox. Easy!

Partner with a Winning Company!

It’s more than a shopping cart. SellBetter Toolbox is a complete interface that provides:

  1. Shopping Cart; Take orders, track advertising, test ad response, instant delivery of digital goods.
  2. Email Broadcasting; Broadcast newsletters and ads, offer email mini-courses, send timed sequential email followup service when purchases are made.
  3. Affiliate System; Enlist an “army” of salespeople, other websites and newsletter publishers who promote your goods, and pay a straight commission, no salaries. System tracks all sales, makes it easy to pay affiliates.

This is just a hint of what your client gains with SellBetter Toolbox.

Our system works with most major gateways: [popup:|Gateway List]

You can feel secure offering SellBetter Toolbox to your clients because it is fully Visa/Mastercard PCI/CISP Certified. These are constantly changing, but we keep up with the latest requirements and good practices. That means your client doesn’t have to worry about those security and privacy concerns.

We have designed a generous Affiliate Partner program to maximize your earnings. Anyone who wants to have a successful and profitable website needs our service. Anyone interested in earning money on the internet will benefit immensely. This all adds up to a great opportunity for you to make an incredible recurring monthly income. And there’s no investment on your part. It’s the ideal add-on opportunity.

Affiliate Partner Program

Our affiliate partner program is very simple. We appreciate our partners and compensate them well.

We are currently pursuing partner relationships with ISOs and merchant services salespeople.

The compensation schedule is simple:

Earn 20% residual income for LIFE on all sales made by you using your special partner link.

This 20% is all yours, not a percentage after deducting costs or fees like your ISO program. If a client pays us $99 a month for service, we pay you $19.80. Very simple.

One reseller has been offering accounts for over five years, and has about 200 on the system. In the five years time, only one has cancelled.

Here’s how SellBetter Toolbox works

You refer Mary (your client) to us via a simple link on your website or in an email. (The link is encoded with your account code, so we know who made the referral.)

Mary signs up for a SellBetter Toolbox account. (Feature options can vary the monthly fee from $29 to $99, but typically averages around $60.)

Our company maintains the hardware and software needed to manage the SellBetter Toolbox system. It’s ideal for any company with up to around 2,000 products to sell. (Above that, it works but begins to get a little bit complex.)

Mary does not need to have any special security or secure certificate on her website, as all the secure parts of the transaction are all handled in a secure environment on our server. Yet it works seamlessly, switching between Mary’s website and our secure order pages. All Mary has to do is take a simple link, generated by SellBetter Toolbox, and put it on her website for the “buy button.”

When Mary needs help, she calls an 800 number for expert assistance. Not you.

Feel free to look around the SellBetter Toolbox website for details. You might want to start here.

Build a portfolio of accounts earning residual income

When Mary and your other referrals sign up for our service, we will pay you on their initial sign up fees and every single month they remain a customer!

You enjoy the benefits of offering shopping cart services without having to invest thousands of dollars in hardware, systems administration and development.

There is no enrollment fee or minimum account requirements. You begin receiving compensation as soon as you start setting up accounts!

Start selling today!

Sign up as an Affiliate Partner and you will start making money immediately. You are not allowed to spam. There are no other requirements and it is free to join. Just fill out our quick form and we will give you the code that will start generating commissions for you. If you would like to become an Affiliate Partner, please Click Here!

A Special note for the ISO/MLS

We do offer merchant accounts to clients when they sign up. In order to be competitive, all you need to do is sign your client up first for their merchant account, then refer them to SellBetter Toolbox.

You’ll see how fast and easy it is to make this work. When you sign up, we’ll immediately email you with the link code to start generating commissions. Today! Right Now! To become an Affiliate Partner, please Click Here!

Magical greetings,

Rich Hamilton

P.S.: Yes, we are in merchant account sales, too, so we understand what you do and how you may be concerned. The system automatically offers merchant accounts to new clients, i.e., “If you need a merchant account…” But we will do everything we can to protect you. I think that’s evident when you look at the big list of [popup:|Gateways] that we support. To maximize your income we suggest:

  1. Sign them up first to your merchant account and gateway, then send them your toolbox link.
  2. Tell them about us, and why we’re different than most shopping cart systems.
  3. If someone turns down your merchant account, you can still refer them to SellBetter ToolBox. After all, $10 or $20 a month is still a residual income stream. And if you continue to add subscribers over a period of time, it can grow quite nicely.

P.P.S.: Think about that one reseller I mentioned who has been offering accounts for over five years, an addition to his main business. He has about 200 merchants on the system. In the five years time, only one has cancelled. That accounts for about $30,000 in extra income each year. There’s no way to know how well you will do; some will sign up and do nothing, others will do quite well. But it costs you nothing, and there’s no top limit.